A Practical Look at Leading Differently

A Practical Look at Leading Differently
“I no longer believe that organizations are inherently unmanageable in this world of constant flux and unpredictability. Rather, I believe that our present ways of organizing are outmoded, and that the longer we remain entrenched in our old ways, the further we move from those wonderful breakthroughs in understanding that the world of science calls ‘elegant.’”

The above statement features largely in Margaret Wheatley’s ground-breaking book, Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World. The idea that organizational structures and traditional leadership styles are outmoded is also a key feature of our Council discussions. To some extent, Corporate Purpose has served as a rallying cry for leaders who have come to believe that our times call for a fundamental shift in how we drive our organizations. Scores of well-intentioned academics and leadership consultants have rushed into this vacuum to offer executives new leadership methodologies, with mixed success. Some experts suggest that only by introducing a cultural sea change can Corporate Purpose come to life to re-energize an organization and take it to new heights. Others suggest that a purpose-driven agenda takes time – perhaps years – to fully realize, if at all.

As 2023 gets under way, we offer up in this session a look at some of what we consider to be the best and most practical advice for busy executives who intuitively sense the need for change, but aren’t prepared to bet their careers and the future of the business on decisions that could prove too radical.

By drawing on three of last year’s Future Fluency Brief core topics, we will present to Council members some practical starting points for leadership change without upending the organization. People – not technology, processes – are the heartbeat of an organization. And not withstanding a sudden leap in Artificial Intelligence and a categorical displacement of the human workforce, finding ways to inspire, engage, and empower employees will remain the primary task of any conscientious corporate leader.

In this session of the Asia Corporate Leadership Council, we will be joined by Bill Cornwell, executive coach, leadership advisor, and aut hor of the just-released book, Activate the Third Space. After quickly revisiting some of our Future Fluency Brief key topics from 2022, we will hold break-out discussions to explore ways in which Council members can practically apply key learnings to their own organizations in order to lead change vs. waiting for change to find you

Agenda details are as follows:

8:00-8:30am:   Meet and Greet

8:30-8:45am:   Welcome remarks and session framing

8:45-9.:15am:     A review of: “Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment” (FFB/Feb2022), “Humanocracy: Doing Battle with Bureaucracy to Restore a Creative,
                            Purpose-Driven Culture” (FFB/May2022), and “Longtermism – Operating in the Present with an Eye to the Future” (FFB/Nov2022).*

9:15-10:00am:    Practical tips for applying leadership best practice. Member discussion and guest facilitation

10:00-10:30am: Sharing of key take-aways and dialogue among Council members

10:30am:            Close

*pdf copies of all three Future Fluency Briefs are included in the Session invite along with this agenda.

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