Asia’s Green Supply-Chains: Where Rubber Meets the Road

Council Meeting Agenda | Thursday, May 19. 2022

Asia’s Green Supply-Chains: Where Rubber Meets the Road

By some estimates, Asia represents 42 percent of global exports, which represents a four percent increase over the past four years. This, despite repeated threats to reduce global reliance on Asia’s base commodities and manufactured products.

Despite the rhetoric, Asia will continue to serve as a leading hub of manufacturing and supply-chain innovation for the foreseeable future, and with it, greater responsibility to tackle carbon emissions, safeguard traditionally exploited workers and communities, introduce biofuel supplements, and wherever possible, electrify the transport fleet – both on the ground, and in the air.

In this May 19 session of the Asia Corporate Leadership Council, we will take a hard look at the challenges faced by Multinationals and Asia-based corporations to balance the scales between greater supply-chain efficiency, environmental and community stewardship, and “re-shoring” as a hedge against growing geopolitical and economic risk.

We will be joined by leading Asia Pacific supply chain experts and hear from a subset of our Council members that live with these challenges (and opportunities) day-in and day-out.

Agenda details are as follows:

8:30-8:45am:        Welcome the Members and session kick-off

8:45-9:15am:         Snapshot analysis of the Asia Pacific Supply-Chain landscape and the shift to “green”

9:15-9.45am:         Commentary from guest and member green supply-chain experts

09:45-10:30am:    Member and Panel discussion

10:30am:               Close

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