Assessing the Critical Organizational Behaviors for Corporate Purpose Success

Council Meeting Agenda | Thursday, October 8, 2020

Assessing the Critical Organizational Behaviors for Corporate Purpose Success

Corporate Purpose is entering the business mainstream, and COVID impacts are accelerating its ascent as a core enterprise value driver of the future. Increasingly, organizations are pledging to deliver greater levels of stakeholder value. These declarations are both inspiring and perilous. Purpose statements raise the expectations of customers, employees, the public, and investors – in Asia, even regulators – so demonstrable performance-to-plan is essential. To this end, Council members request that a strong focus for The Asia Corporate Leadership Council be on authoritatively informing the group on “how to get corporate purpose done”.

New research shows that activating key corporate behaviors and aligning them to the purpose agenda is a critical component of execution success. On October 8th, The Asia Corporate Leadership Council meeting will feature the two leading academics on this topic – Dr. Robert E. Quinn and Dr. Anjan V. Thakor – co-authors of The Economics of Higher Purpose: Eight Counterintuitive Steps for Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization. Professors Quinn and Thakor will present their research findings and insights, illuminate the changes needed in organizational behavior to address the high demands of corporate purpose transformation and value delivery, and engage members in the why’s and how’s of making these changes happen.

We will also report on the progress of the Asia Corporate Purpose Monitor research project.

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