Delivering on Corporate Purpose in Asia – Council Member Case Studies

Council Meeting Agenda | Friday, August 6, 2021

Delivering on Corporate Purpose in Asia – Council Member Case Studies

This session marks the one-year anniversary of the Asia Corporate Leadership Council. And to those of you who have been part of the journey, we extend our genuine thanks and appreciation. Without your participation, all that we do would not be possible.

In Season Two, we move from addressing many of the theoretical and structural challenges associated with Corporate Purpose, to examining tangible ways of bringing true Corporate Purpose to life across the stakeholder eco-system.

Experience is the best teacher. And to this end, we will be creating and presenting a tapestry of Council Member case studies that address each key challenge that exists within the stakeholder landscape (see below).

In this first round, Hewlett Packard and Corteva Agriscience have kindly offered to lead the way. In partnership with Sunil Puri at CCL, we have started the process of documenting ways in which corporate purpose is being deployed in service to the various stakeholder groups.

Each Case Study going forward will address:

  • WHY – Offers a glimpse at the framework for the organization’s push into Corporate Purpose and outlines its over-arching commitments.
  • WHAT – Describes the process for identifying and prioritizing areas where the company hopes to have an impact in Asia Pacific.
  • HOW – Digs into the planning, piloting, and scaling of the effort with particular attention to the challenges/issues/setbacks encountered along the way.

Our objective is to arrive at a short-list of KEY LEARNINGS that can be shared across the Council Membership community

Agenda details are as follows:

8:30-8:40am:                   Welcome the Members and Kick Off the Session

8:40-9:10am:                    HP Case Study followed by Q&A

9:10-9.40am:                    Corteva Agriscience Case Study followed by Q&A

9:40-10:20am:                  Future Outlook Dialogue – set up and breakout sessions

10:20-10:30am:                 Final Reflections and Q&A

10:30am:                            Close

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