Employee Mental Health & Well-being in Asia

Council Meeting Agenda | Thursday, February 17, 2022

Employee Mental Health & Well-being in Asia

As we round the corner to a new year, there is new hope that Covid-19 will fade into the background, freeing up time and resources for more productive pursuits. And yet, the pandemic has left its scars. Families have lost loved ones. Lives have been disrupted. And work – in its traditional form – has been forever altered. Whether they admit it openly or not, employees are recalibrating the meaning of “career.” Some are quitting in search of greater work-life balance. Others are grappling with a return to the office. Most concerning is the level of employee disengagement, which according to some studies is at an all-time high. All conditions point to one universal, yet largely under-represented fact: Employee mental health & wellness is at risk and the implications are far-reaching.

We will kick off the session by showcasing our most recent ACLC Case Study featuring Banyan Tree and its efforts to build a culture of employee health and wellness support.

In the second half of the session, we will explore the broader challenges felt by the Asia-based corporate community, engage in a frank discussion on the degree to which companies are showing up for their employees, and debate whether efforts made to support employee mental health have possibly missed the mark. What does the research tell us? Where should the line be drawn between employee protection and individual privacy? Can lessons learned on Corporate Purpose inform the practices and policies to build a more compassionate and effective corporate culture?

We facilitate and structure discussion on three questions. We’d ask that you think about these questions before the session:

  1. Have you and your organization funded programs sufficiently to ensure the highest possible employee mental health and wellness? Two years on, what could you have done differently?
  2. Where, as leaders, have you genuinely made a difference on the mental wellness issue and how many of you believe it was not enough?
  3. How have you leveraged corporate purpose as a means of supporting employee mental wellness? What have you learned?

Agenda details are as follows:

8:30-8:40am:           Welcome to Members, Guests, and Session Set-up

8:40-9:30am:           Banyan Tree Case Study followed by Q&A

9:30-10:30am:         Unpacking the challenges of employee mental health & wellness in Asia. Three question drilldown

Panel Commentary followed by Q&A

10:30am:                   Close

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