Engaging with ‘Singapore Inc’ to Drive Corporate Purpose Agendas Regionally

Council Meeting Agenda | Thursday, June 17, 2021

Engaging with ‘Singapore Inc’ to Drive Corporate Purpose Agendas Regionally

Moving from ideas to action.

In our last Council session on April 8, 2021, we examined the whirlwind of activity unfolding in the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) space in Singapore including: the Singapore Green Plan 2030; the Emerging Stronger Task Force (EST) and its Alliances for Action (AFAs); and the new ESG-focused Centres of Excellence being established in Singapore.

At that meeting, members queried how these various Singapore ideas and initiatives could potentially be put into action regionally, if not globally. Corporates, it was posited, seem the best channel to do this.

On June 17th, we will hear directly from Emerging Stronger Task Force Co-Chairman, Tan Chong Meng about how Singapore’s efforts can be leveraged and used to scale ESG and corporate purpose efforts in the Asia region and beyond. Mr Tan is also the CEO of PSA International, a pillar organization in the ASEAN business community and beyond (https://www.globalpsa.com/). Among other things, Mr. Tan and PSA are front-and-center in global efforts to green and decarbonize the global maritime sector.

Mr. Tan will be accompanied by his Emerging strong Task Force Associates who will share with Council members their key ideas, initiatives, and issues. Council members will have the opportunity to engage with these architects of evolving EST plan and explore ways we might join forces, collectively and/or as individual firms, to enhance our respective corporate purpose efforts regionwide.

Time will also be allocated to sharing with members the following:

  1. Introduction to the Asia Corporate Purpose Monitor, produced in partnership with Quilt.ai. Through the application of AI-based data gathering and analytics, the Council now has access to a first-of-its-kind tracking tool to assess corporate communications and public discourse on corporate purpose-related topics across 11 markets in Asia.
  2. Launch of the ACLC Website and our planned public outreach/engagement program, and opportunities for members to get involved.

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